Meet our Champs; UCT 10km Memorial Race

05 May 2024 | By Mfundo (Hani) Makanda
UCT 2024 Female Winner
05 May 2024 | By Mfundo (Hani) Makanda
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After months, weeks, days, and hours of intense preparation, the 2024 UCT 10km Memorial Race has come to an end.

The 41st Edition of the race was the fastest in years. It was one of the special race commemorating Isavel Roche-Kelly, the first women to run under 7 hours in the Comrades Marathon.

Early in the morning, at UCT Middle Campus, we were greeted by the likes of Kyla Jacobs who attended to watch her sister, Aynslee Minnaar, all the way from Australia.

Kyla is a South African National champ who recently represented our country at World Athletics Cross Country Champs, Belgrade, Serbia on the 30th of March 2024.

Not surprising, her sister won the UCT 10km Memorial Race with ease, going under the 36 minutes barrier set for our course to separate the greatest from the best.

On the men side, Deon Lee Hendriks clocked a sub-30 minutes 10k, despite the hilly nature of our home-made Boston course.

The full results will be released by Western Province Athletics (WPA), later next week.

UCT Inter-Res Race

In this year’s Edition, the UCT Athletics Club Committee incorporated an Inter-Race Race within the Memorial Run where UCT students’ residences were given the opportunity to go Head-to-Head. This initiative is intended to encourage UCT student participation in the memorial run which has been historically poor. 

Entry fee was reduced to R50 for all students in residences to encourage participation.

We are pleased to announce that the 2024 UCT 10km Res Champion(s) are Kopano residence (Men) and Obz Square (Women). These are the fastest residences over the 10km distance at UCT. The two trophies that were presented belong to these residences.

We are exactly, 12 months before the 42nd Edition of the UCT 10km Memorial Race to be held on the first Sunday of May 2025. All UCT residence have more than enough time to prepare their runners for 2025 edition.

The target is to take the trophies from the current champions Kopano Residence and Obz Square. This will not happen without an intense fight. The UCT 10km Inter-Res Race will remain a tradition of the UCT 10km Memorial Run.

2024 UCT 10km Inter-Res Race Standings


  1. Kopano (Current Champions)

  2. Liesbeeck Gardens

  3. Obz Square

  4. Herold Cressy Hall

  5. Rochester House

  6. Edwin Hart Annex

  7. Varietas

  8. North Grange

  9. Leo Marquard Hall

  10. Forest Hill

Meet your 2024 UCT 10km Res Champion; Kopano (Men)  


  1. Obz Square (current winners) 

  2. The Woolsack

  3. Forest Hill

  4. TB Davie

  5. Liesbeeck Gardens

  6. Dullah Omar Hall

  7. Baxter Hall

Some residences were not present. But the stage is set for 2025 UCT 10km Memorial Race, 42nd Edition.

Obz Sqauere
Meet your 2024 UCT 10km Res Champion; Obz Square (Women), The ladies left before time  

We would like to thank our main sponsor for the race, Hobbs Sinclair and our partners Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages, Western Province Athletics (WPA), Orisons Activation Marketing/ McDonald’s (the amazing coffee), the Vineyard Hotel and all other individuals that contributed to make this event possible.

A further, thank to the past winners who attended, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Lis Lange, our sponsor, Neil Hobbs, the incredible Marshalls and all the 1 509  runners who participated.


The free coffee line; served by McCafe after the race  

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