WPA XC League 5; Kuilsrivier





2024 WPA Cross Country Results

The WPA Cross Country Relay took place at Killarney Racecourse on the 28th of April 2024

There were no participants from our club. See full results below. 


WPA Cross Country League 1 took place at Silverstroomstrand on Sunday 4th May 2024.

UCT AC Results 
4km Senior Men  Time
Simon Short  14.18

Three UCT AC Athletes competed in league 2. The course was deceptively flat but very tough. Our legs were dead after the race! The XC league took place on Sunday, 19 May 2024 at Youngsfield.  

UCT AC Results
4KM Senior Men Time
Simon Short  14:28
Mfundo X. Makanda  16:22
WPA XC 10KM Women's Winner (from UCT)
10km Senior Women Time 
Caitlyn Mahony  39.14

These are the results for WPA XC League 3. There were no participants from our club. 


This was one of the hilliest cross country leagues so far. Uphill running, downhill running and sharp turns. 

Two UCT AC Athletes participated in this league. 

UCT Results: Men 4km
Pos   License No   Name   Club    Finish Time        
19   T1619   Simon Short   UCT   14:16        
39   11223   Mfundo Makanda   UCT   17:13    

WPA Cross Country League 4 Full Results 

Scheduled for Saturday 29, June 2024


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WPA Cross Country Schedule
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