Talking History! UCTAC Alumni Engagement

11 Apr 2024 | By Mfundo (Hani) Makanda
Alumni engagement

From left to right, Richard Day, Ricky Robinson, Dr Steve Reid, Dr Ian Lewis, Janet Grieve Welham, Chris Welham and Stephen Granger

11 Apr 2024 | By Mfundo (Hani) Makanda

Today, our club hosted an alumni engagement commemorating those who have made significant contributions to the club over the years with particular focus on Isavel Roche-Kelly.

The engagement included a small celebration of the UCT Athletics team that participated at USSA Track & Field Championships last week in Stellenbosch University (SU).

The oldies that attended the event pointed out that the club in the 70s and 80s was under-resourced in terms of coaching and training facilities compared to other universities such as SU.

Psychologically, they were disadvantaged even before competitions. However, because of the sheer determination of athletes such as Isavel Roche-Kelly, they were able outperform their stronger opponents such as Maties.

The younger athletes that attended today, noted that the club is still starved of resources necessary for their success in the sport of athletics. The grass athletics track in the UCT Cricket Oval is in worst condition compared to the 80s, some disciplines such as field events do not have a coach, the club house is debilitating…

Our athletes are once again forced to experience the nightmare that the oldies in the 60s, 70s, 80, and 90s experienced.

Against all odds, our athletes are following the footsteps of Isavel Roche-Kelly, Lindsay Weight, Merrilyn Smith and others. This is evident in our USSA results this year which show an improvement in terms of overall points compared to the previous years (after COVID-19).  

Our team made us proud, even though the university is technically against our sport at the moment.

A special cheer goes to our second-year astrophysics student, Katlego Manamela who managed to come home with a bronze medal (Decathlon).  

The event was a huge success, thanks to the UCTAC Alumni who attended to show the love for our club and the sport of athletics in general.

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