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USSA Cross Country Championships

USSA Champs offer an opportunity to those committed to distance running to test their ability against the best athletes from other universities.
14 September 2024 - 15 September 2024 Read more

Upcoming meets and events


  • Western Province Athletics Reminder




    Clubs are reminded that only members residing in the Cape Town Metropole is allowed to join a club in Western Province Athletics.

    1.  A club shall only be a member of an ASA province wherein the club’s offices are located.

    2.  An athlete shall only represent the ASA province wherein he/she is domicile.

    3.  With the exception of a National Athlete, an athlete shall only be a member of a club if the athlete and the club are both domicile in the same ASA province.

    4.  A National Athlete may join any club of his/her choice anywhere in South Africa, but he/she will only represent the ASA province where he/she is domicile.

    5.  No athlete may relocate from one province to another without being in possession of a written clearance certificate from his/her former province entitling him/her to compete in the new province. Failure to obtain such a clearance certificate shall render the athlete ineligible to compete in the new province.

    Please see the borders of WPA within the Cape Town Metropole.


  • Postponed - WPA Coaches Course

    WPA Postponed Coaches Course
  • ASA Level 1 & 2 Coaches Course


    Please take note of the upcoming ASA level 1 and level 2 coaches course offered by the Western Province Athletics. 

    DATES: 01-04 July 2024

    TIMES: 8h30 – 15h00

    VENUE: University of the Western Cape

    COST: R600.00 PP (Licensed Members)
             : R750.00 PP (Unlicensed Members)
    (Includes Course Material)

    CLOSING DATE: 23 June 2023 (Midnight)

    Link to register