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Michael Johnson's Grand Slam Track Unveiled
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According to Athletics Weekly Michael Johnson's new Grand Slam Track league will have track but no field events. 

In the four Grand Slams, there will be 96 athletes who will each compete over their preferred two distances per slam. 

These will take place over a three-day period:

✅ 100m/200m
✅ 100m hurdles or 110m hurdles/100m
✅ 200m/400m
✅ 400m hurdles/400m
✅ 800m/1500m
✅ 3000m/5000m

"We don't have field events at Grand Slam Track and the reason for that is, and I've seen this on TV, is that we struggle to story-tell with so many things happening at once.

"We are committed to one event at a time in a three-hour window. The athletes also deserve to be recognised for their talent and that's tough when it's difficult to follow the action."