WPA Race Walking Grand Prix 2 - 11 May 2024, Youngsfield Military Base

Please Note:

First Time Walkers Welcome – Novice Walk

• There will be 5km novice walk (16 years and older) for athletes wanting to experience race walking for the first time.

  • Relaxed judging rules will apply.
  • No running allowed.
  • No strollers allowed.
  • Results will be separated according to the events.
  • Novice rules apply.
  • Knees must be "uncovered" in order that a judge can see the "straight” knee in operation.


1km and 2km Fast and Flat Loop on tar area


Online entries: Closes: Wednesday 08 May 2024 at 17:00pm.

Manual Entries: Saturday, 11 May 2024 at Youngsfied, Military Bace from 06:45 (30 minutes before each event).


  • Safe and secure venue. No traffic. Enjoyable environment and atmosphere.
  • Easy access to the venue, parking and excellent viewing points for spectators.
  • Refreshments: Coca Cola at the finish.
  • Lap counters, officials and judges will be present.
  • If not in possession of a valid 2024 ASA license, a temp license must be bought @ R45 each.
  • According to IAAF & ASA rules.


  • Separate Refreshment tables only available for athletes participating for longer distances (20km and up)
  • For all events, drinking/ sponging stations with water only, will be provided & Coke at the finish.

Penalty Zone:

For Race Walking events on track or road, a Penalty zone shall be used for all athletes irrespective of the age category. In such cases, an athlete will be required to enter Pit Lane, once they have received three Red Cards and are so advised by the Chief Judge or someone delegated by him.

The applicable period in the Pit Lane will be the following for races up to and including Time:

  • 5000m/5km – 30 Sec
  • 10,000m/10km - 1min
  • 20,000m/20km - 2min

40km Mixed Relay